Bike repair and maintenance


Regular maintenance ensures smooth bike operation & keeps long term costs to a minimum.


If your bike has been in storage or just hasn't been looked after throughout the year, a full service will get back to where it should be.


From spokey dokeys to 200mm downhill forks, if you're looking to upgrade then we've got it covered.

Pricing imagePricing imagePricing image
This is the really simple part. The pricing is fixed. No set prices for a 'service', especially if there's something doesn't need fixing. I'll look at what actually needs attention, give you a time scale and cost for any parts then get it done, simple. You'll be back on the road, gravel or throwing yourself helplessly down a  mountain as soon as possible.

The labour charge is £60 an hour  (plus any parts needed)

Don't let a mechanical mishap ruin your ride  

"Can you come and pick me up, i've got a flat tyre..." If you are a parent of teenagers that ride bikes then this won't be an unusual scenario. The reality is this could happen to anyone. Old, young, experienced or inexperienced rider, armed with the right knowledge then they can get right back to it and that's what i am aiming for with this session. This course is about 1.5-2 hours long and aimed at getting bike riders back on the road or trails after a mechanical mishap. To give them the confidence a skills required to make their way back home or to somewhere where they get can get professional help. This is a 1-2-1 session and i will travel to you and we will use your bike to gain more knowledge about the specifics of your bike. As bikes vary quite a bit this method proves to be more effective. The session is aimed at any type of rider of any age or gender that rides a bike and wants to learn the basics to get themselves out of trouble while on a bike ride. Book a slot using the form on the right and i will give you a call to confirm time, date location and price. The session covers the most common issues: Full Bike M check Tyre removal & repair (Tubeless and tubed) Valve core change Drive train repair Handlebar alignment If a day or time is not available then just use the contact form and i will contact you to arrange a suitable time.Read More

  • Category: Repair course
  • Service Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • Address: Surrey, UK (Map)
  • Price:£100

I currently hold the MIAS level 2 mountain bike leader qualification. I work with children and adults alike, improving off road and terrain based skills to build confidence and maintain a safe riding experience.

I work alongside the Trail Academy to provide all levels of coaching form after school clubs to adults 1-2-1 coaching.

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Use one of the links below and i'll get right back to you.  

  • Rothes Road, Dorking, England, United Kingdom
  • Appointment only Please call to make an appointment and to avoid disappointment

I operate from home so all bookings are strictly by appointment only. Pick up and delivery are available dependant on location. For more info on services and pricing, feel free to drop us an email

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